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Exclusive Experience

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Enjoy our shows from your reserved places

Book your shows, and enjoy them from the best perspective with your Exclusive Experience reserved places! 

These places will be reserved to you and a maximum of 3 companions for the Hot Wheels City, la nuova sfida show, at the Stunt Arena and for the Zorro musical at the Pepsi Theatre.

Please note: the reserved places will be reserved exclusively for the specific schedule of the show you will have booked. Bookings will be open every day at the dedicated X Point (you can find it at the Baia dei Pirati) until 12:00, so please keep in mind to book your shows before this time. 

On Board video and Exclusive Experience cap

Your stunt men experience will be entirely recorded by an on board camera placed on the car. 

Collect your USB drive containing the video of your Exclusive Experience at La Rosa dei Venti shop, before leaving the Park!

At the same time, you will be handed the Exclusive Experience cap that is also included in the package. 

Get aboard the car with our stunt men

The stunt men of our show Hot Wheels City, la nuova sfida are available for an exclusive meeting with you, which will start 45 minutes before the start of the show that you have booked, for which you will also have reserved places at the Arena.

During this exclusive experience you will meet our skilled actors, you will take photos with them and even get aboard the car with them, experiencing first-hand their spectacular driving skills! 

Please note: the drive experience is reserved to only one person, who must be older than 18 years, either the buyer or one of the companions group. The people that do not enter the car will be allowed to see the experience from the arena. 

How can you buy your Exclusive Experience?

You can buy Exclusive Experience online on our website, or directly at the Park (at the dedicated X Point inside Baia dei Pirati).

If you buy the Exclusive Experience online, it will be valid on the date you chose for your visit (you can choose every day except the same date of the purchase).
If you buy the Exclusive Experienceat the Park, it will be valid exclusively on the same date of your purchase.



    • If you buy the Exclusive Experience online, you will have to book the shows in advance - before 12:00 - on your visit day, at the X Point.
    • The reserved places at the Stunt Arena and Pepsi Theatre are guaranteed for the person who buys the Exclusive Experience and his/her companions, up until a maximum of 4 people per package. 
    • Please see these rules before taking part in the drive experience with our stunt men.
    • During the drive experience with our stunt men, you will be asked to wear a safety belt and a helmet. 
    • The person who will enter the car will sign a document of awareness of related risks, while booking the reserved places to the shows at the X Point. 
    • You will need to keep your Exclusive Experience ticket, either in its printed or digital version, as you will be asked to show it in order to collect the cap and the pen drive with the On Board video.
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The Park in your hands!

The Park in your hands!

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