VIP Package

Want to enjoy a great day of fun without the stress of organizing every detail of your visit? We have the perfect solution for you!

By purchasing the VIP Package you get in one hit, at a convenient price, a complete bundle for every need, which will also save you time once you arrive at the Park.

Here's what you'll have access to:

Mirabilandia's VIP Package
Katun attraction at Mirabilandia

Mirabilandia admission ticket

For 1 adult person, for 1 visit day.

Enjoy the Park's attractions and shows, for a day you won't forget.
And remember, children under 100cm get in free!

Mirabilandia's All Inclusive Menu

All Inclusive Menu

With this special wristband you will have access to a menu of your choice every 60 minutes.

Once inside the Park you get to choose which menu to consume at all restaurants marked with the All Inclusive logo. Every hour you can start fresh and order a new menu!

Regular Flash Pass: iSpeed queue line

Regular Flash Pass

With the Flash Pass Regular card, you and your friends or family can access Mirabilandia attractions while saving time on your wait, once per attraction!

Desmo Race, The Walking Dead and Blu River are excluded.
The card is transferable and can be used by more than one person during the same day of visit.

How to purchase the VIP Package?

You can purchase the VIP Package at Mirabilandia entrance ticket office.
You will receive your admission ticket, All Inclusive Menu and Regular Flash Pass for your day of visit.


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Discover our Exclusive Experience

Discover our Exclusive Experience

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