Hot Wheels City - La Nuova Sfida

Action Show
Route 66
All audiences
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Stunt Arena
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The number 1 in Europe Stunt Show

The appointment you can't miss at the Park, very much appreciated by both kids and grownupss: do not miss the exceptional, award-winning number one Stunt Show in Europe!

The super-pilots Chase and Elliots are the real owners of Hot Wheels City, when they are driving their cars, riding their motorcycles or any vehicle with en engine! We will see them do everything and more to fight an evil scientist creator of monstruous machinery, trying to use his frightening creations to threaten the 2 brothers' city!

An exhibition rich in suspence, among breathtaking evolutions and record numbers, that reach their apex with an incredible ride of the wall of death inside the highest mobile loop ever realized in a themed park: an imposing structure and one of a kind, conceived specifically for this show.

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The Park in your hands!

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