Hot Wheels City, La Nuova Sfida - Stunt Show

Action Show
Route 66
All audiences
Disability Access
Stunt Arena
All Year
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The number 1 Stunt Show in Europe!

Warm up your engines Hot Wheels City citizens, an exciting race like never before is about to begin! The ultimate prize of the race is the "Chiave delle Meraviglie", capable of unlocking the hidden potential of anyone who wins!

Chase, Elliot and Sophia are the racing aces in Hot Wheels City, and they have one big goal: to win the race and prove their talent once and for all. But getting first, or even finishing the course, won't be easy! Nevard, a sinister clone of Draven, is ready to unleash his terrible creatures to succeed in his plans....

Dangerous new enemies will do everything in their power to obstruct the participants and bring the dark clone the much-desired "Chiave delle Meraviglie". Will our heroes be able to cross the finish line before Nevard?

An exhibition rich in suspence, among breathtaking evolutions and record numbers, that reach their apex with an incredible ride of the wall of death inside the highest mobile loop ever realized in a themed park: a one-of-a-kind imposing structure designed expressly for this show.

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Please note

Access to the show guaranteed until maximum capacity is reached. It is recommended to reach the location in advance of the start time.

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The Park in your hands!

The Park in your hands!

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