All photos and videos on ride on your smartphone!

With the new Fotopass you will be able to get all the photos and videos pictures of you on board the attractions, in digital format, on your mobile device, on the day of your visit.

You will be able to choose between daily Fotopass, usable during the day of the visit or annual, valid for the entire season.

Take home with you the memories of your special moments at the Park!


Daily Fotopass

Purchase your Daily Photopass online or at the Park at all photo points and at the new "Central Photo Point" at the Outlet della Baia. Download the app, wear the bracelet and get ready to get all the photos on your favorite attractions!

From €30.00


Annual Fotopass

The annual Fotopass will need to be activated every time you come to the Park and want to use the service. You will, therefore, have to go to any photo point or to the "Central Photo Point" at the Bay Outlet to collect your wristband, valid for the current day. The system will generate a QR code to reactivate the Photopass.

From €40.00

*Excluded are: photobooth, Wanted photos, Mini Rapide photos, Meet&Greet photos, Bimbopoli art portraits and Far West Valley.

Find out all the useful information about Fotopass:

  • How it works

    Download the Fotopass app, put on the bracelet and go to the photo point of the attraction you just made, locate the photo and/or video of you on the monitor and point them out to the operator.

    Identify yourself as a Fotopass user by showing your wristband. The operator will show you a QR code on the screen to scan via the Fotopass app. The green tick will indicate that the QR has been scanned correctly.

    In a short time you will have your photo and/or video on the application, available for download for a limited time:

    • 20 days download time for videos
    • 90 days download time for photos

    After this period, you will no longer be able to retrieve the photos and/or videos in any way.

  • Remember..

    The wristband is to be worn at the time of the purchase of the Fotopass (or its withdrawal, in case of purchase made online), is strictly personal,not transferable and is valid only on the day of its purchase/withdrawal. In the event of loss or damage, the bracelet is not duplicable and/or replaceable in any way. It must also be properly worn at all times; in case of improper handling/use, Management reserves the right to effect its immediate withdrawal. The Fotopass is also non-refundable in cases of a possible closure/momentary unavailability of some attractions of the Park, for any problems due to the photo and video facilities or photo points. Fotopass holders may only request photos and videos of themselves. The staff reserves the right not to upload photos and/or videos whose contents are deemed not to comply with the rules of the Park regulations (with particular reference to safety and decorum) and the Privacy Act. The Fotopass system does not provide for hard copy printing of photos and/or DVD reproduction of videos. The Management disclaims any responsibility for any errors in the selection of photos and/or videos by the Client.

  • Where to buy

    In all photo points, at the new "Central Photo Point" and online on the Mirabilandia website. At which photo points can I select my photos and/or videos? Photopass is available at the circuit attractions listed above..

List of Attractions included in the Fotopass

Excluded are: Photobooth, Wanted Photos, Mini Rapid Photos, Meet&Greet Photos, Bimbopoli Art Portraits and Far West Valley.

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Blu River


El Dorado Falls

Gold Digger



Leprotto Express


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Discover our Exclusive Experience

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