Advice and recommendations for your visit

Here you will find useful information for the day of your visit to Mirabilandia.

With this calendar and our suggestions we want to help you plan and choose the best dates for your visit to Mirabilandia.

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Attendance Calendar

  • Access to the Park

    Our parking lot opens at least 30 minutes before the opening of Mirabilandia, so if you go before you can park in a good place and access to the park. 

    You can check here the prices and the specifics of our parking area. 

    Remember that you can also buy your ticket onlineyou will get a better price than at the box office!

  • Restaurants

    You can plan your meal by purchasing your Menu online. We offer you multiple options that will help you to make your time at the Park more flexible:

    • Take advantage of our All Inclusive Menu and enjoy meals throughout the day of your visit (meals every 60 minutes).
    • Order your menu in advance with the new Click&Collect service. All you have to do is choose the restaurant, place your order and pick it at the chosen time. Please note that this service does not book a table for you.


  • Attractions

    Tips to ride our attractions:

    • Save time at the attractions with the Flash Pass, discover the 3 types we offer
    • If you have any doubts about age and height restrictions particularly for children, you can check here or ask our staff before lining up for an attraction.
  • Shows

    Enjoy our shows:

    • Check all the shows to choose the ones you want to attend, don’t miss our performances, suitable for all tastes!
    • Download our App to know the shows time table. 
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The Park in your hands!

The Park in your hands!

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