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About us

Mirabilandia, with its 850,000 square metres is the largest amusement Park in Italy and it is the ideal destination for visitors of all ages.

The Park, situated a few kilometres from the coast of Emilia Romagna and from Ravenna, makes it possible for everyone, young and old, to satisfy the most varied expectations. Adventure, adrenalin, shared experiences, relaxation are the ingredients of a unique experience, for healthy and safe fun.  

Large outdoors areas and over 40 attractions make the Park a place of leisure able to provide great emotions. Many themed areas for children and teenagers to experience a dream with their eyes wide open and where adults discover it's still possible to be amazed.

Everyone in the driver’s seat to ride the Ducati World “cars”, the latest thematic area at Mirabilandia, and also one of the first in the world inspired by a motorcycle brand and included in an amusement park! Curiosity and amazement for those who adventure out to Dinoland to catch a glimpse of the surprising creatures that watch over the attractions of the vast area dedicated to the world of dinosaurs. Eyes wide open also in the Far West Valley, where among the dusty roads, stables and saloons it is possible to experience the thousand adventures of a frontier land. For the youngest guests, on the other hand, unbridled fantasy among the attractions at Bimbopoli.  

Experience lots of emotions and challenging oneself is a must on the attractions of the Guinness world records like iSpeed, the tallest and fastest coaster with magnetic launch in Italy; Katun, the longest inverted coaster in Europe; Divertical, the tallest water coaster in the world and Eurowheel, the second tallest observation wheel in the continent. 

Another highlight at Mirabilandia are the shows: an exclusive programme to amaze spectators with the professionalism and skill of its artists. Highly applauded is also the not to be missed show inspired by “Hot Wheels”, the Stunt Show in Europa with the widest acclaim. Lastly, the seasonal events, like Halloween that, at Mirabilandia, is truly a unique experience and absolutely something to try. 

Our history

The largest amusement Park in Italy opened its doors on 4 July 1992. The area chosen is that next to the pine grove in Classe, on the Adriatica state road, in a location to which the Park will then give its own name. 

Among the attractions of those years there are the unforgettable Sierra Tonante, a wooden roller coaster symbol of the Park and Rio Bravo, a water itinerary among the rapids aboard special rafts where still today it is possible to have a great time.  In 1997: the observation wheel Eurowheel  is inaugurated, 90 metres tall (at the time it was the tallest in Europe, currently in the continent, second only to the London Eye), Niagara (today El Dorado Falls), Pakal (today Gold Digger) and the Torri, with a height of 60 metres (today Oil Towers) were also inaugurated. 

In 2000, the arrival of what is still today the longest inverted roller coaster in Europe, Katun, a Guinness world record attraction which immediately earns the approval of the bravest visitors. Regarding the shows, in 2000 the inauguration at the Park of what will become the most highly acclaimed stunt show in Europe: Scuola di Polizia. Today, thanks to the partnership with Hot Wheels, the show boasts a unique mobile loop, 18 metres in height, e a performance that had never before been carried out in an amusement Park. 

In the following years, Raratonga and Reset were added. In 2008 it is time for another first: to substitute Sierra Tonante iSpeed, the first roller coaster in the world with magnetic launch arrives as well as the tallest roller coaster in Italy, featuring a starting acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds. 

Three years later, the offer at the Park also includes Master Thai, the first duelling coaster made in Italy. For lovers of water attractions, in the 2012 season the opening of Divertical, the highest water coaster in the world! 

In regards to the thematic areas, in 2014 Mirabilandia makes available for its youngest guests and dinosaur enthusiasts Dinoland with many attractions included: Reptilium, Raptotana, Rexplorer, Bicisauro, Brontocars, Monosauro. After 4 years, also the Far West Valley opens its doors complete with the largest Horror House in Europe, Legends of Dead Town. Last but not least, 2019 is the year of Ducati World: 35,000 square metres completetly transformed to welcome the first themed areas in the world inspired by a motorcycle brand and included in an amusement Park. 


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