Route 66

Experience the American dream in the dedicated thematic area, Route 66!

Authentic America, the one we all dream about visiting, it has arrived at Mirabilandia! Thanks to the Route 66 thematic area, you will be able to live the real American dream.

Divertical, the tallest water coaster in the world, will surprise you with a race on the surface of the water on a vehicle inspired by the world of offshore. It is ideal for families but it can excite the most demanding thrill-seekers, thanks to the dive from a height of over 60 metres and at a speed of over 104 km per hours. From Divertical’s highest point, which you will reach by taking a very fast and steep lift, it will be possible to admire one of the most amazing views of the Park. Are you ready for the final super wet splash? It is impossible to come out dry…

If adrenaline is what you’re after, look no further than iSpeed! Only on iSpeed will you be able to experience the thrill of racing at the speed of a Formula 1 driver with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.2 seconds, and reaching speeds of 120 km/h on breathtaking turns and curves! Its most exciting feature which happens to make it completely unique in Italy is that it’s “fired” directly from the station thanks to a magnetic launch. Standing over 55 metres tall and with 2 inversions, it will give you all the thrill of being a real pilot! 

It’s absolutely not to be missed, and, aimed at both adults and children, also try out the Blu River and Reset, the laser game set in a post apocalyptic New York. If you’re passionate about the 50s, bring your whole family aboard a flaming Cadillac and speed along an aquatic highway that ends with a 15 metre high dive.  If it's water you’re looking for, Raratonga is the water cannon naval battle from which you certainly won’t come out dry! 

Every day in the Route 66 area, and, more precisely at the Stunt Arena, you can catch the most acclaimed and applauded stunt show in Italy, a truly breathtaking show that we are sure will amaze you too. For a retro-style lunch, head over to Drive In, the self service par excellence. Here you’ll find hot meals made using fresh products, and meal plans for all tastes

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