The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead arrives at Mirabilandia and it will have no mercy for anyone!
Far West Valley
Type of attraction
 Horror attraction
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: No restrictions
Adult Companion Required
under 14 years old.
12 years
The Walking Dead arrives at Mirabilandia and it will have no mercy for anyone!

Mankind has been overwhelmed by an unprecedented and apocalyptic event: due to an uncontrollable virus, humans are turning into ferocious creatures that feed on their prey. Only a small group of people have survived and are trying in every way and with every means to reach Terminus, the only safe place.

Getting there safely will be a very difficult achievement, so follow the tracks that lead to safety, but don't trust anyone: in this ruthless escape even the most harmless people can turn into terrifying creatures ready for anything!

If you have guts, join the few remaining humans on this frightening journey. But remember that your courage may be lacking just when you least expect it...

Challenge your limits as you travel through the main locations of the series of the same name: the hospital, the church, the mine, the sanctuary, Del Arno Foods, the landfill and of course Terminus, the coveted final destination.

Admission with an additional ticket starting at €5.90.

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