Far West Valley

The thematic area for the family to be immersed in epic adventures

The legend of the Far West Valley narrates that a group of settlers, after a very long trip from the old continent, had finally found the perfect place to settle: Mirabilandia! The settlers of this legend were very particular: they did not set off to the West to search for glory or riches but... rather for the greatest enjoyment! Still today, in Far West Valley both young and old can explore a town of the old west perfectly rebuilt to experience unforgettable times thanks to the many attractions inspired by the symbols and characters from this world full of adventure. 

With Buffalo Bill Rodeo you’ll step right into the shoes of a real cowboy! You’ll be breathless on board this disco coaster that gives you the excitement of a real rodeo, one of the favourite challenges of the first settlers. At 13 metres high with a course on a rotating platform, this is the number one attraction to make your head spin! 

On the Aquila Tonante attraction you can fly spread eagle like a bird of prey soaring through desert canyons, while on Geronimo you’ll have tons of fun challenging friends to climb the 9 metre high interactive towers. Who will be the first to reach the top? 

Looking for a rush of adrenaline? Much like the fearless settlers who once tried to overcome America’s most famous waterfalls, you can face El Dorado Falls: a breath-taking 27-metre high water jump travelling at over 70km/h! If it’s a mine that you’re looking for, Gold Digger is the attraction that will take you on a bumpy ride in search of lost gold. Just make sure you hold on tight so you don’t lose the loot! If all of this wasn’t enough, we’re absolutely certain the 60 metres high Oil Towers will be the right choice for you: let yourself be thrust upwards or plummeted downwards on Italy’s highest Space Shot and Turbo Drop.

In the Far West Valley you’ll also find the largest house of horrors in Europe, reserved only for the most daring Park visitors: Legends of Dead Town is a real journey into fear! Set in a ghost town, it’s inhabited by sinister entities that will terrify visitors beyond all bearable limits! A break in the old West? For a tasty lunch, come and visit is at Toro Seduto Saloon for Tex-Mex dishes and top-notch pizza. Did you leave your hat and gun at home? No worries! At the western shop you’ll find everything you need to become the hero of this epic adventure!

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