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Minimum Age 12
Children accompanied
12 - 14 YEARS

*The biggest house of terror in Europe has materialised in the Far West Valley! A journey into delusional fear in a ghost town where, since the days of the Far West, sinister entities have been trapped that aim to land visitors beyond all tolerable limits!

Whoever sets foot in this city will be welcomed by an old blind priest who will invite visitors to enter the church to find a safe haven... but will it really be like that? The protagonists who decide to face this adventure, will have to visit a series of terrible rooms trying to save themselves. They will face a cemetery infested with strange presences and threatening apparitions, followed by a crypt that will turn out to be a psychedelic labyrinth and finally the old mine that will reveal a secret passage leading to a cursed forest. Will this be the way to salvation?


*Access with additional ticket.

If you buy your ticket online, you save money!


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