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Covid Info

Mirabilandia is prepared to give you the most wonderful experience!

We work everyday to guarantee your visit in total safety, with special protocols for every area of our Park compliant with instructions from the Authorities and updated according to the valid norms about caution, prevention and safety.

Below you will find the main instructions to follow.

No need to present the Green Pass to access the Park

According to the order of the Ministry of Health that contains amendments to the Law Decree No. 24 of March 24, 2022, we inform you that:

  1. the obligation to wear the mask inside commercial establishments (eg, bars, restaurants and stores) decades, but it is still recommended to wear respiratory protective devices in indoor spaces that are open to the public;
  2. The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask to enter the Pepsi Theatre and the Nickelodeon Theatre will continue until June 15.
  3. Green Passes are no longer required to enter restaurants, theaters and the Stunt Arena.

Finally, we recommend that you frequently sanitize your hands with the sanitizing gel that you will find in all the places and attractions inside the Park.

N.B. the obligation to wear a mask does not apply to:

  • to children under 6 years of age;
  • to people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask, as well as to people who must communicate with a disabled person so that they cannot use the mask.

Have fun and be safe!

Below you will also find the main rules to follow BEFORE and DURING your visit to Mirabilandia.

Infographics Covid info
Infographics Covid info

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The Park in your hands!

The Park in your hands!

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