Team building

Mirabilandia has an irresistible power of aggregation!

The Park unites them all: customers, sales force, employees, managers. All of them together. And they all have the chance to get to know each other - or to deepen their knowledge - by confronting each other in an ironic, playful, and above all fun way.

Mirabilandia is an engaging and exciting location that can draw your employees into strategic motivational activities. Many attractions and areas of the Park are in fact the ideal tools for team building activities that will revive the excitement of play, fun and challenge, in a healthy team competition.

Our staff will take care of everything, involving participants in a unique, memorable and yet educational experience.

Mirabilandia team building
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  • Cooperation
  • Training activities
  • Cohesion
  • Aggregation
  • Fun

Discover our team building activities!

  • Time gate team building Mirabilandia

    Time Gate: Back to the present

    Take part in a team "escape experience" among the Park's attractions!

  • Science smart contest team building Mirabilandia

    Science smart contest

    Participate in a Treasure Hunt between teams equipped with tablets!

Fun and motivation for your team!

To motivate your team members and help them develop cohesion and collaboration you can choose our tailor-made activities, created specifically to encourage participants to work as a team.

Our programs run through the Park's many attractions in exciting group challenges. Not the usual concept of team building therefore, but a concentration of excitement that encourages goal-oriented but also collaborative work.

Our staff will guide you through designated activities that align with your objectives and required expectations.

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Information and Reservations

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