Venue accessibility

The Mirabilandia and Mirabeach parks do not have mobility barriers. Detailed information regarding accessibility to the attractions in accordance with restrictions provided by the manufacturers is available at the entrance to the parks.

Gluten-free food

Are you celiac? We’ve thought of you! At the Toro Seduto Saloon restaurant, the self-service Drive In and at all the food courts in the Park, there are gluten-free meals, for additional information please speak directly with our operators.


The Park’s attractions have some restrictions if you are pregnant. At Customer Services, detailed information and clarifications are provided regarding accessibility to the attractions in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations


Your four-legged friend is welcome at the Park and at the outdoor show areas. Dogs cannot access the attractions and indoor show areas. Dogs must always be kept on a lead. A muzzle is required for them; if the owner does not have one, it can be requested free-of-charge at the Park’s information office.

ATMs and bank cards

ATMs are available outside and inside the Park.

First Aid

First aid services and a doctor are always available during Park’s opening hours. It is essential to arrange your visit in advance by calling the doctor at 0544 561233. A telephone triage will be carried out. It is not allowed to go to the infirmary without any appointment.

Luggage Storage

To freely enjoy the Park, you can drop off your luggage and large objects at the Mirabilandia Vacanze office, at the entrance to the park. Any reduced-size personal objects can be left at Customer Services inside the park. There is a fee for this service.

Lost property

Have you lost something? You can count on our staff! Contact customer service.

Baby Foods

You can purchase baby foods at the self-service Drive in and Toro Seduto Saloon.

Pushchairs / Wheelchairs

At customer services it is possible to rent pushchairs and wheelchairs daily for visitors with reduced mobility (limited availability). The service cannot be booked and is fee-based. An identification document will be required and it will be returned at the end of the rental.

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