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Baia dei Pirati
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Your favourite items at never-seen-before prices, starting from 1€*

Discover this unmissable shop in La Baia dei Pirati (the Pirates’Bay) and enjoy a wide range of choice among Mirabilandia merchandising and other brands, at exceptional prices. 

Don't miss the chance to get trendy and quality items – just for you or for your loved ones - without giving up maximum convenience.

Like a true pirate, set out to conquer l’Outlet della Baia!

*Subject to availability


Turn your eye into a work of art!

Iris Gallery is arriving at the Park! In a dedicated in-store space, you'll have the opportunity to capture every shade of your eye in extreme detail in just a few seconds. Choose from a wide range of sizes, finishes, and effects and receive a unique, personalized work of art with professional, high-resolution printing.


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Unforgettable memories thanks to Fotopass

Unforgettable memories thanks to Fotopass

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