Ducati Shop

Gifts & Souvenirs
Ducati World
Inside the Ducati Building
Accessible for people with disabilities
You will find the best merchandising inside the Ducati Shop in Mirabilandia.

Can’t wait to dive into the world of the Ducati Shop? Inside the store you will be able to find many Ducati brand products to ensure you will have a great souvenir: do you prefer a hat, a T-shirt, a mug or a bottle? We make various merchandising items available to you, so you can choose the one you like the most.   
The Ducati Shop for lovers of motors  
Purchase a souvenir of your experience in the Ducati Shop.  

This store is located inside the Experience Building. You spent a great day at Mirabilandia and would like a cherry on top of the cake? Buy a unique souvenir here! After the emotions experienced from the attractions, you will adore this store.

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The Management reserves the right to change Park's opening hours and days. Stores might open, close, or change opening hours without prior notice.

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Unforgettable memories thanks to Fotopass

Unforgettable memories thanks to Fotopass

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