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Black Friday

Discover the best offers of the Black Friday Weeks at Mirabilandia!

Black Friday 2021 has come and gone, and we are sure you've already taken advantage of our offers to ensure your best fun in 2022 season! 

If you still haven't, keep in touch with us, there are offres all year round, also during the opening season! 
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Don't tell us, you're curious already about Black Friday 2022 offers? 


Well, at the moment we cannot anticipate anytthing.... But if you are here now you know us very well, and you know that the best offers on season passes for Mirabilandia and Mirabeach - and Park + Hotel gift vouchers - arrive during the Black Friday!

Our season passes offer many benefits and exclusive perks. There are 4 kinds of them, and precisely because of this, your best occasion is getting a season pass for next season in advance during the Black Friday.

Not only for the discounts that we offer you during this period, but for the chance to ensure an entire season of fun, since the first day of opening! 

You live far away and you need an accommodation solution?

We understand your needs, for this reason we have created a park + hotel package for you, that you will find on offer right during the Black Friday weeks! 
At that time the Park might be closed, but what better opportunity to gift your dearest ones with a special experience, using the Gift Vouchers?
After all, booking a holiday in advance is always worthwhile!

So, if you are looking for the best offers on season passes and park + hotel packages, you're in the right place! 

While waiting for Black Friday 2022, discover all the active promotions here on the website and receive real time information on Mirabilandia and Mirabeach's novelties.

Discover all kinds of season passes

VIP Season Pass

Incredible benefits for both Parks. Enjoy parties and celebrations at special discounts in your favourite Park between Mirabilandia and Mirabeach and take advantage of the free parking! In addition - exclusively for our VIP subscribers - a 20% discount inside shops and restaurant sof both Parks, the access to reserved promotions for your friends and relatives, and an incredible 50% discount on the purchase of one Flash Pass Gold for Mirabilandia a day!

Gold Season Pass

This subscription grants you access to both Parks. And that's not all: you will have right to a 50% discount on parking, reduced prices for your parties and celebrations inside the Park (to choose from Mirabilandia or Mirabeach)! In addition - exclusively for Gold pass subscribers, an incredible 15% discount inside shops and restaurants in both Parks, and access to reserved promotions for your friends and relatives.

Silver Season Pass

Get access to Mirabilandia all opening days, and celebrate your birthday at the Park at special prices for you and your guests! Moreover, with your Silver pass you will be reserved a 10% discount inside stores and restaurants at the Park, a 50% discount at the parking lot and access to reserved promotions for your friends and relatives.

Bronze Season Pass

With this kind of season pass you will get access to Mirabilandia park all opening days until 23rd October 2022, except for the high season time, (from 8th to 26th August 2022). Besides a 10% discount inside shops and restaurants of the Park, and you will be able to celebrate your birthday at the Park at special prices. 

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Our measures against Covid-19

Our measures against Covid-19