Time Gate: back to the present

Mirabilandia attività team building: Time Gate

An incredible team competition on Mirabilandia's attractions!

Our attractions become the elements of this team-building activity that delivers adrenaline-pumping thrills and becomes the cue for an engaging competition between challenging teams.

This team game - from 2 to 5, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 participants per team - is an "escape experience," where the objective is to close some space-time gaps, whose sudden opening has catapulted human beings to different places and eras. The ultimate goal of this adventure is to restore the balance without which humanity risks total destruction!

Thanks to the guidance and clues received from a Mirabilandia staff member-or, more accurately, the High Priest of Sian Ka'an! - the teams will solve various puzzles together, making a "journey" through the areas of the Park. Members of the teams in the game will fight against time and face Mirabilandia's attractions to arrive at the solution to the final rebus.

Game times and points earned will determine the winning team!

A minimum number of 30 paying participants is required to book the activity. Smaller groups can still book the activity, paying the minimum fee of 30 participants.

  • Team challenge
  • Puzzles
  • Attractions
  • Fun
  • Cooperation


The origins

It all began in the city of Sian Ka'an where, due to a never-before-seen astral conjunction, space-time gaps opened up during one night, catapulting humans to different places and eras.

Your task is to solve various puzzles that will enable you to close the individual open space-time gaps and thus restore balance, before the world, as we know it today, disappears for good.

So get ready for a journey that will take you into the areas of the Park and onto its attractions: therein lie the time-gates that you must close as soon as possible!

Città di Sian Ka'an

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The Park in your hands!

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