Oil Tower 1

Far West Valley
Type of attraction
 Space Shot
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 135 cm
12 years
Accepted Fast-Passes
 Flash Pass Gold
 Flash Pass Regular
 Flash Pass One Shot
During the opening season
80 km/h
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The thrill of an 80km/h launch: try our new Space Shot!

The Oil Towers are two oil extraction towers that "stand out in" the sky, 60 metre above Mirabilandia. With their smoking chimneys, the Oil Towers are the home of Space Shot and Turbo Drop , the tallest tower in Italy.

The first Oil tower is Space Shot, which catapults you at an insane speed of 80km/h, giving you the thrill of +2G acceleration, and the feeling of being crushed in your seat with a force equal to twice your body weight! 

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The Management reserves the right to change Park's opening hours and days. Attractions might open, close, or change opening hours without prior notice.

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Experience maximum fun with Flash Passes!

Experience maximum fun with Flash Passes!

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