Desmo Race

Ducati World
Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 120 cm
Maximum height: 195 cm
Maximum weight: 136 kg
Adult Companion Required
under 10 years old and under 140 cm
6 years
During the opening season
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Dive into the world of Ducati on Desmo Race and turn yourself into a real racer!

Everyone asked for it and now it’s here! At Mirabilandia you can be the main actor and ride on a rollercoaster, doesn’t that sound fantastic? On Desmo Race you can accelerate, break and then accelerate again to leave your friends and family in the dust. They are interactive rollercoasters, which make you feel like you’re driving a Panigale V4. Have you ever driven on an amusement ride? No? Well, here you can do just that! 
Two tracks, one motorcycle and... lots of excitement! You’ll love this attraction! How good does an adventure as a driver sound, even if only for a moment? 

Discover the Ducati World area

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The Management reserves the right to change Park's opening hours and days. Attractions might open, close, or change opening hours without prior notice.

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Experience maximum fun with Flash Passes!

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