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30 years together

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Nickelodeon Let's Party

Nickelodeon Let's Party

Zorro il Musical

Zorro il Musical

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

Primo logo di Mirabilandia nel 1992


Once upon a time... Back in 1992

Everything started on a wonderful day of July, that many visitors still remember. 

A completely bare area, with no apparent reasons to attract attention, suddenly filled with hills and rocks, lakes and trees, flowers... But above all, it filled with extraordinary worlds: many different theme areas with plenty of thrilling attractions and moving shows. Can you imagine how amazing, surprising... and even exciting it was the emotion that overwhelmed both kids and grownups back then? 

Since then many things have changed, starting from expansions and new feature additions, where record-breaking attractions and unforgettable shows have followed one another in time, but one thing has always remained the same: our desire to amuse you and amaze you. The etimology of the word Mirabilandia, Land of Wonders, is a promise that the Park's staff committed and still commits to since 1992, every single day. 

These years protagonists

are the Park's guests for sure! 

But, besides them, we must also talk about a couple of attractions and shows that have made the history of Mirabilandia. Let's start with Sierra Tonante: the biggest wooden roller coaster of continental Europe, it has been the symbol of the Park since its opening and until 2007: when it has been dismantled. Its memory is still roaring in the hearts of many visitors, that have mourned their beloved Sierra with the other 2 top roller coasters of Mirabilandia: Katun, from 2000, and iSpeed, from 2008!

And could we not mention Scuola di Polizia? The stunt shows that celebrates a birthday of its own: 25 years! Since the start, back in 1997, it has had an incredible success: in 2015 it evolved in Grosso Guaio a Stunt City, in collaboration with Hot Wheels and it has been renovated each year, remaining a must until today!

The story continues...

Keep following us: we will enrich this page with many curiosities and contents about the history of the Park. Let's start with a comparison photo of the 1992 staff and the staff of the Park in 2022. People have changed (not quite everyone... do you recognize them?) but their energy has not!

Team 1992 e 2022 di Mirabilandia a confronto


Celebrate with us on July, 30

Saturday 30 July 2022 the Park will be exceptionally open until 1 am for a long night of celebration!

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Our measures against Covid-19

Our measures against Covid-19

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