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1. For how many days is the entrance ticket to Mirabilandia valid?

The entrance ticket to Mirabilandia is valid for 2 consecutive days otherwise, if you purchase one of the "Hotel + Park" offers of Mirabilandia Vacanze tour operator the included tickets are valid for 3 consecutive days.

2. Are there any promotions for families?

Families with 2 adults and 2 children up to 140cm of height can buy 1 family package from 99,90€. The offer is only online. Not available during the Christmas Time opening.

3. Are there any special discounts for children for the purchase of a season pass? 

The prices for season passes are the same for both children or adults. Kids below the 1m meter of hight have free access. 

4. Are all the attractions and shows included in the Park ticket price?

The ticket allows access to all the attractions and shows of the Park, except for Legends of Dead Town and Mirabeach, and is valid for 2 consecutive days.

5. What is “The Legends of Dead Town”?

It is the biggest horror house in Europe, it is inside the Far West Valley in Mirabilandia. The ticket price for the admission is 5€

6. How many attractions are suitable for children from 3 years old?

More than 60% of the attractions are suitable from 3 years of age and 90 centimetres of height.

7. Up to what age can I buy a “child ticket”?

The “Child ticket” is valid for any child up to 140cm of height,  no matter their age.

8. Why should I buy my tickets online?

Purchasing your tickets online is the best way to organize your visit to Mirabilandia. When you buy online, you can save time & money when compared to buying at the front gate, moreover buying in advance allows you to better plan your trip.

9. Where can I found the shows' schedule?

Everyday Mirabilandia offers a reach programme of shows and entertainment, choose the date of interest in the calendar to display the show's schedule.

10. Are there things to do if it rains when I'm at Mirabilandia?

Yes, Mirabilandia has attractions that are protected against rain or that have no problem working if rains. For your safety, access to some attractions may be restricted without prior warning due to adverse weather conditions such as rain and winds. However, you'll still find shops, restaurants and indoor shows to discover.

11. How much does it cost to park at Mirabilandia?

The vehicle parking ticket is 5€. The ticket should be paid for each access. Payment can be made by either Cash or credit cards.

12. How close are Mirabeach to Mirabilandia?

The two Parks are adjacent but 2 different tickets are needed. The Parking gate is the same for both.

Second day Free!

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