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Mirabilandia is ready to give you the most beautiful emotions!

We work every day to guarantee you a visit in total safety, with dedicated protocols to each areas of our Park in agreement with the competent Authorities and validated by TÜV Italia (see here the validation document). But we also need your help!

Below you will find the main directions to be followed and some of the most frequently asked questions.

Discover the main topics:

Security Measures - Covid-19 Mirabilandia


Help us, to help you!

Below, you can find the main rules that you will have to follow BEFORE and DURING your visit at Mirabilandia.

Online ticket - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Buy your ticket online and ensure your visit.

Safety distance - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Keep your safety distance by following the directions.

Symptoms - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Don’t come to the Park if you have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or difficult breathing.

Hand washing - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Use the dispensers at your disposal in the Park and always sanitize your hands before getting on the attractions and entering the premises.

Electronic payment - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Pay by bancomat/credit card: you are safer and you queue less.

Instructions - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Carefully follow the instructions of the acoustic messages and signage.

Mask - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Always wear the mask and in the proper way.

Security control - Covid-19 measure - Mirabilandia

Collaborate with the Park Staff.

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Main topics

You can read more about the specific measures under the various topics in this list, which we will update regularly as we receive the new guidelines from the authorities.


Responsibility for the visitor and security measures

Dear Guest, we remind you of some rules to be respected within the Park in order to counter the spread of the Covid-19 virus:
- to protect other guests and staff, access to the park is forbidden in the presence of fever or other flu symptoms such as cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, etc;
- we ask you to contact the infirmary point within the Park if, during your visit, the flu symptoms indicated above arise;
- within the Park it is mandatory to comply with the provisions issued by the competent Authorities and the rules of conduct defined by the Park, in particular maintain the interpersonal distance of at least 1 m from other people, observe the rules of hand hygiene and always wear a mask. Specifically, mask must always be worn in an appropriate way, in all areas of the Park itself and also in the car park.
- always follow the rules, recommendations and warnings contained in the signs, in the signs and communicated by our staff.
The Park recommends being socially responsible for oneself and for others respecting the indications and showing collaboration with the other guests and the staff of the Park to safeguard their own health and that of others.


What precautions should you take during your visit to the Park?

We ask our guests to comply with the provisions of the law issued and the guidelines issued by the Health Authority and to adopt appropriate behaviour by following a few simple rules.
- Do not visit Mirabilandia and more generally do not leave home or travel:
- in case of positivity to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID+);
- in case of quarantine by the health authority;
- in the presence of fever (over 37.5 °C);
- in the presence of other influenza symptoms;
- in case of close contact with people found positive for the virus.
- Keep in social contacts, the interpersonal safety distance of at least one metre.
- Always wear the mask appropriately in all areas of the Park and car park, both in outdoor areas - streets, widenings, squares, arenas - and indoors.
- Use the hand sanitizer at your free disposal before entering an attraction or entering a venue.
- Strictly follow the instructions of our staff, the signs, the distance signs in the Park and the sound messages: they are aimed at ensuring your and our staff's safety.

I have already bought / would like to buy a ticket for Halloween, but I'm afraid that restrictions related to Covid-19 may prevent me from coming to the Park. What should I do?

With the exclusive "Carefree Guarantee" of Mirabilandia park, in case of unexpected forced closures or if you are unable to come to the park due to Covid-19 (e.g. positivity or quarantine), the validity of your ticket will be extended to November 1st, 2021.
In order to activate the "Carefree Guarantee" and change the validity date of your ticket, you must request the extension by writing an email to before the expiry date of your ticket. "Carefree Guarantee" is not valid on free tickets.

Is the entrance restricted? How do I book the visit?

In order to prevent crowds, we confirm that one of the measures adopted by the Park is to reduce the capacity of the Park. In order to ensure access to the Park on the chosen day, we invite you to buy your fixed-date ticket online, taking advantage of dedicated offers and promotions.

With the limited number of accesses will it be possible to buy the ticket at the ticket offices?

In order to avoid crowds, the Park encourages the online purchase method, with dedicated offers and promotions. The fixed-date online purchase guarantees the visitor access on the day of interest. However, it will always be possible to buy the entrance ticket at the ticket counters within the established maximum capacity, after which access will not be allowed.

What do you do to avoid crowds?

In order to avoid crowds at the entrance, we encourage the online booking methods, while inside the Park a specific and adequate signage has been prepared.

Will the measures taken by the park be sufficient to minimize the risk of infection?

The protocols adopted by Mirabilandia respond not only to the standards required by the competent national and local authorities, but also to the guidelines dictated by the international association of reference in the sector. This is why we are committed to guaranteeing absolutely safe fun.

How do you move around the Park?

It is important that visitors show attention and respect for other guests and staff members, always keeping the now known social distance of 1 meter from other people and, in case, stop at the sides of the streets.

Will there be active surveillance for compliance?

Inside the Park the staff will also regulate the flows and therefore check the regularity of the queues at the attractions and the accesses to the various areas of the Park in order to offer visitors the highest standards of protection of their health. In order to avoid crowding, compulsory routes and appropriate signs have been studied to encourage the correct movements.

What do you do to ensure that large groups of people do not gather in one place?

In general, we encourage our guests to maintain a social distancing of at least 1 metre from other visitors, with the exception of their own household, for which the rules of distancing do not apply. Maintaining distances from other guests will be facilitated by signage and ground signs. We have also placed a limitation on the capacity of the Park and Park staff will monitor the different areas, especially those with a higher risk of crowds.

What do I do if I find out that the other guests are not keeping safe distances?

Park staff will always be present to ensure that our guests maintain social distancing. Contact the nearest steward if you find yourself in a situation where other guests do not maintain the distances.

We are a group of friends, how should we behave in the Park?

The protocols adopted by Mirabilandia meet the standards required by the regulations in force, issued by the competent national and local authorities. These standards may be revised following the introduction of new regulations and specific guidelines. Our aim is to guarantee entertainment in full respect of the health of our guests and our staff. The regulations currently in force in Italy provide for social distancing for groups of people not belonging to the same family and, therefore, we will maintain this principle also in the areas and premises of the Park, including on board the attractions. We also ask for your collaboration to live your day of fun in peace.

Can I take my daughter's little friend to the park?

Of course you can, but the rules of social distancing and the use of the mask for people not belonging to the same household apply. We rely mainly on your sense of responsibility and we ask for your collaboration to live peacefully your day of fun in Mirabilandia.

Where can I find sanitizing gel?

Dispensers will be located for all visitors at the entrance to all available attractions, venues, show areas.

If I don't have a mask, can I access the park? What if it breaks during the visit?

Access to the Park without mask is not allowed, it must be constantly and correctly worn during the entire stay in the Park (car park included), even in the open air. Those who do not have them can buy them at the Park's entrance and in the internal points of sale.
The mask must always be worn in an appropriate way, in all areas of the Park and in the car park, also in the open air and therefore in the streets and open spaces, in the waiting lines, on the attractions (including the water rides), during the shows, in the open-air arenas and in the indoor places (restaurants, shops, theatres, etc.). It remains necessary to respect the minimum safety distance of 1 metre from other people who do not belong to your family. We also ask for your help in order to live as peacefully as possible the day of fun at the Park and when possible we encourage you to use the masks even in cases not provided for by the regulations (children under 6 years of age) especially in the areas of greatest frequentation, as in all queue lines, on the attractions and in the clubs (restaurants, shops, arenas, etc.). We remind you that only children under the age of six years old and people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask are excluded from the obligation to wear the mask, as well as those who, in order to interact with the above mentioned people, are in the same incompatibility.

Once in the park, do I always have to wear the mask?

Yes, it is necessary to wear it correctly for the whole stay in the Park.
The correct use of the mask is compulsory in all areas of the Park (car park included), including open air, roads and widenings, in attractions' queues and on board the attractions (including water rides), in the Stunt Arena and inside closed premises such as theatres, offices, shops and restaurants. Inside the restaurants it is allowed to take off the mask only at the table. In bars, the mask can only be removed at the precise moment of consumption. In any case, the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1 metre must always be maintained.

We are a family with small children and/or a family member with disabilities, do they have to wear the mask?

The regulations in force to date provide that only people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask are excluded from the obligation to wear the mask, as well as those who have the same incompatibility to interact with the aforementioned.
Exceptions are also made for children up to 6 years old who are still not required to wear the mask by law, but we encourage its use in all areas where it is not possible to maintain the safety distance.
We also ask for your help to live your day of fun at the Park as peacefully as possible and when possible we encourage you to use the masks, even in cases not provided for by the regulations, especially in the areas of greatest affluence, as in all queue lines, on the attractions (including water rides) and indoors (restaurants, shops, etc.).

Is it dangerous to keep the mask on board the attractions?

On this point we want to reassure you, it's not dangerous. The protocols adopted by Mirabilandia meet not only the standards required by the competent national and local authorities, but also the guidelines dictated by the international association of reference in the sector and in this specific case also by the manufacturers. Every measure adopted by the Park was created exclusively to guarantee your safety!

What do you do to ensure that your employees are not ill when they are at work?

The Park's staff will be subjected to the measurement of the body temperature at the entrance of the Park and will be specifically trained on the basis of the tasks and work contexts to which they will be assigned. For the protection of themselves and others, they will be provided with uniforms differentiated according to the degree of interaction they may have with customers and with personal protective equipment specific to the task performed.


How will the q-line for the attractions be organised?

All the waiting areas at the attractions have been reorganised by setting up distance markers to clearly indicate to people where to stop and ensuring social distancing between people who are not from the same household. In general, it is recommended not to wait if the area is full.

How are the attractions sanitised?

Interpersonal spacing will be applied with alternating seats and rows on board the attractions. Always remember that an exception to the rules of interpersonal distancing of at least 1 metre is made for people from the same household and its respect is related to individual responsibility.
The hygienisation process takes place through the obligation to sanitise your hands before boarding using the dispensers positioned at the entrance and to use the mask in queue line and on board the attraction itself. In any case, the cleaning activity of the attractions will be completed with periodic cleaning activities of the cars and surfaces that come into greater contact with guests and staff.

Will the set of procedures adopted lead to longer waits for attractions?

The procedures adopted and the new ways of using the Park's services, which also include forms of access reservation, are compensated by a limited capacity of the Park. Therefore, we do not expect longer waits.


Which restaurants will be open?

All restaurants will be operational in the relevant opening hours. The self-services will be structured in such a way that the food and drinks are served by the staff of the restaurant and the customer cannot come into contact with the food and products on sale. 

Do your employees use protective equipment in food preparation?

Our employees use protective equipment during the preparation, service and delivery of food to guests ensuring that everything is carried out in accordance with the regulations.

Will the shops be open?

Our stores will be open and can be visited at staggered entry.


Please, read this page carefully and don't hesitate to contact us for any further question.
Email us at
or call us on 0544561156: we are at your complete disposal!

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