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  • Mirabilandia Halloween
2017-10-03 18:10

 It’s Halloween! 

The Park is surrounded by the powerful spell of Halloween, it will be dressed up with the colours of the festivity dedicated to pumpkins, monsters, funny witches and silly ghosts! Mirabilandia is ready to excite both adults and children for a family fun!
In addition to all the enjoyment of the Amusement Park, Mirabilandia offers also the thrilling of the Halloween themed tunnels.

For kids 3 dedicated funny tunnels where to be the real protagonists of Halloween’s fairy tales.
NEW for 2017 “Il covo dei Pipistrelli” a very special place inhabits by a funny bat-family!

For all the fearless, 5 amazing horror Tunnels to face their most unconfessed nightmares.
NEW for 2017 “LLorona” where you will soon realize you cannot run from the frightening screaming of the ghost-lady. It seems only the sacrifice of other innocents could relieve the grievous sorrow of the weeping-woman...

During the evening openings – from 6 pm – the bravest can enter the 3 differently themed Horror Zones with a multitude of monstrous bloodthirsty creatures. A place full of zombies that needs your blood: the hunt is just at the beginning... that’s the Halloween Horror Festival.