CodyMaze: the Invisible Maze - Do it in class!

Bring Mirabilandia into your school with this educational project dedicated to Coding

Mirabilandia has made it into primary and secondary schools thanks to the first educational activity dedicated to the world of Coding, which can be carried out in the classroom or at home.
Download the worksheets and dedicated App, follow the instructions and teach the secrets of Coding through play! It’s free!


The activity is based on the coding without computers (unplugged) methods devised by Professor Alessandro Bogliolo, of the University of Urbino, and was carried out in collaboration with Digit Srl.

Activity description

A chessboard with 25 spaces in which students will move like robots, as guided by instructions that gradually appear on their smartphone. An ever-changing maze, it looks different for each player and refreshes itself every time you enter. How do you get out? By putting the basic principles of coding into practice!






Primary school (6-10 years) and lower secondary (11-13 years)
1 hour
Downloading the App and worksheets is free
Instructions, worksheets and supporting materials for the activities, App for doing the activity


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